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2022 Mission and Vision

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Our vision is to be a church that is growing, sharing and serving connected by Jesus.

We are growing

  • In a deepening understanding of who God is as understood through the Word made flesh and scripture.
  • In our obedience to our proclamation, “Jesus is Lord.”
  • In our relationships with those around us; those who already proclaim the lordship of Jesus and those yet to do so. 

We are sharing

  • The Good News of the coming, life, death, resurrection, ascension and return of Jesus. 
  • God’s love and forgiveness for all and God’s desire to be reunited with all creation through the atonement of Jesus. 
  • Life with one another that we may all strive towards maturity in the faith. 

We are serving

  • Father, Son and Spirit 
  • One another as the Body of Christ 
  • Those who are longing for healing and wholeness that we believe is found in its fullness through Jesus. 

Connected by Jesus

  • Who is our redeemer, teacher and lord.


Key Initiatives:

  1. Find ways to utilize our facilities for the wholeness of our community.
  2. Leverage technology to communicate the message of Jesus.
  3. Build relationships with our community.
  4. Strengthen relationships within the Spring Creek congregation.
  5. Seek the healing of the community around us by listening to the hurts and looking for the Spirit’s movement.

Naming who we are: We are a collection of Jesus-people striving to live out the ways and teachings of Jesus. We believe Jesus is God in the flesh who has come to redeem and renew what has been broken and dead. We believe that in Jesus’ life we are shown how to live in whole relationship with God and with our neighbors. In Jesus’ death Christ has paid the price for sin that we could not pay. In his resurrection all things are beginning to be made new. In his ascension and return we have the hope of all things being made right and eternal life for those in Christ. We believe Jesus has called us to announce and demonstrate what the reign of Christ looks like in our lives, our families, our congregation and our community.

Our Beliefs Inform our Practice: Spring Creek Church of the Brethren is connected to a larger body of Jesus-people in the Church of the Brethren which draws its heritage through those identified as Pietists and Anabaptist. Of concern to the founders of our Anabaptist heritage was the conviction that Christianity is not only a faith to believe in, but one to be acted upon and lived out. Our practices include baptism of believers, observance of love feast, feet washing and communion, the service of anointing, striving toward a Christian lifestyle of simplicity and non-conformity, fostering use of the non-violent peaceful approach in addressing problems - seeking solutions through love of friends and enemies that leads to forgiveness and reconciliation, communicating the gospel by word and deed, and responding positively to the total ministry of the church as the Lord leads to commit our gifts to service for the common good and the upbuilding of the body of Christ.


Here is a summary of ways we believe we can better live into this vision:

1. Find ways of utilizing our facilities

Find ways of utilizing the indoor and outdoor facilities of Spring Creek for the good of our Neighborhood.

  • Possibilities include: Providing space for counselors, and organizations involved with healing ministries and programs which help to provide wholeness. Using indoor and outdoor space for hosting gatherings to bless the community. This could include events such as a summer peace camp for kids to learn constructive and Christ-like behaviors.  

2. Leveraging Technology

Use technology as a way of communicating the message of Jesus.

  • Prioritize tech needs/dreams i.e. Create video to introduce who we are, highlight church ministries, etc.
  • Possibilities include: Summer “worship team camp” with tech instruction, perhaps in partnership with another congregation.

3. Build relationships with our community

Identify ways of moving the congregation beyond the walls of the building and connecting with the larger community in life giving ways. This may include initiatives of the congregation of partnering with the efforts of other community organizations.

4. Strengthen relationships within our congregation

Continue to foster relationships within the Body of Christ through intergenerational connections, meeting together for shared life, study, prayer and service.

  • Discern focus groups; evaluate Sunday school model; promote small groups

5. Seek the healing of the community around us

Listen to the hurts and cries of those around us. Listen to the heart of God for those who have been left out. Look for the Spirit’s movement, not assuming we have all the answers to be implemented on others.

  • Possibilities include: Begin discussion groups and share resources on real world issues to discern how to respond as disciples of Jesus, faithfully sharing God’s love; invite guest speakers to help guide and enlighten