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Gift Cards/Merchant Cards benefit Spring Creek Outreach Ministries

Merchant Cards (“Gift Cards” or “Scrip”) are a great way to earn support Spring Creek Church of the Brethren’s outreach ministries.   With each card purchase, the merchant gives a percentage of the value back to the church. You get the full value of the card; the church receives a bonus amount. For example, every time you purchase a Lowe’s $100 merchant card, you receive $100 in card value and the church receives $4 (or 4%).

Click here for printable order form!

3 Kinds of Merchant Cards

  1. Traditional Cards -   These are the traditional plastic cards you can purchase and carry with you for your everyday purchases or give as gifts to others.  Giant and Weis are examples of merchants offering traditional gift cards.
  2. “Scrip Now” - Some participating merchants offer printable certificates which can be downloaded or emailed to you immediately at the time of purchase. The certificate number can be used for online purchases or the printed certificate can be claimed on-location at the merchant. Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin’ and Dicks Sporting Goods are examples of merchants offering “Scrip Now”
  3. Reload - Certain participating merchants allow you to add to your card balance.  Increase or “top up” your card’s value to keep it ready for ongoing purchases at your favorite merchant. By reloading your card through our program, Spring Creek continues to receive a bonus from the merchant. Lowes, Home Depot and Sheetz are examples of merchants who offer reload.

3 Ways to Buy

  1. Order online by creating an account at and.  Associate your account with Spring Creek Church of the Brethren Enrollment Code: 9B559C4F14551.   Use your account to order online at your convenience.  You have three payment options: pay using the program’s “Presto-Pay” service (similar to Pay-Pal), pay with a credit card, or submit your payment to our program coordinator (Jan Bratton). Once payment is received, your order is processed immediately. Online ordering is especially convenient for “Scrip Now” and “Reload” orders.
  2. Complete an order form and submit with payment to Jan Bratton. Order forms are available on   Once sufficient orders are received from you and others (accumulated orders over $500), your order will be processed and the cards will be received in about one week.   Checks should be made payable to Spring Creek Church of the Brethren.
  3. See your coordinator (Jan Bratton) to purchase featured cards immediately.  Through monthly specials, we will offer certain cards for immediate purchase (or with assistance reloading your existing cards) on site at the church.

3 Ways to Use

  1. Carry a card or two with you for everyday purchases at your favorite merchants, such as restaurants, coffee shops, home improvement centers, drug stores, or gas stations.
  2. Give cards as gifts to friends and family, or donate cards to your favorite charities. 
  3. Use merchant cards for special purchases such as home improvement projects or travel/vacations.
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